Month in Review: March 2009

by Ameron (Derek Myers) on April 1, 2009

March was a good month for D&D and a great month for Dungeon’s Master. We hit our two month milestone and are gaining a strong and loyal readership. Our thanks to everyone who visits regularly and comments often. In March we published 26 new articles on a wide variety of topics. Here are the highlights just in case you missed anything.



The Spy In Our Midst is the second original module created by the Dungeon’s Master team. It picks up right where our first module, The Magistrate’s Daughter, left off.

Skill Challenges

We published four new skill challenges in March. The Skill Challenges tab at the top of the page provides easy access to all of them.

  • Defend the Camp – Sometimes fighting is not the best option.
  • It’s Mine – The PCs must locate a missing item in part 1 and then recover it in part 2.
  • Temple Treasure – The PCs must navigate through the ancient temple in part 1, disable the trapdoor in part 2 and recover the lost treasures in part 3.
  • Travelling Underground – Five small encounters combine to make that long journey through underground passages more exciting.

Skill Aides

Player’s Handbook 2 and Wizards of the Coast


We heard the Confessions of a Gamer, took a look at five of the most Overplayed Characters in D&D and laughed at the crazy things gamers do with their Dice.

Class Discussion

Those playing arcane spell casters wondered Where Are The Familiars? So we proudly proclaimed that the Familiars Have Arrived. We also completed our presentation of the 4e Necromancer, offering the Necromancer: Epic Tier.


Campaign Design

We explored the Prevalence of Magic and Cosmology as part of this ongoing series. The Campaign Design tab at the top of the page provides easy access to all the articles in this series.

RPG Blog Carnival

The Spoils of War is our contribution to this month’s RPG Blog Carnival: WAR! hosted by The Book of Rev.

A Look Ahead

In April you can expect more new skill challenges and the next three Campaign Design articles. Our third module, The Guardians will be available in late April. Also in April, we’ll look at the versatility of the Ranger, explore cheating in D&D, provide 10 alternative uses for Heal and Bluff, share our experiences playing Epic level characters, and take another look at Assisting during skill challenges. April should be another great month, so be sure to visit Dungeon’s Master every day.

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