Skill Challenge: Negotiations

by Wimwick (Neil Ellis) on July 7, 2009

The Eberron campaign setting comes with all the intrigue of a post war setting and all the mistrust of a setting still stuck in a cold war. During such difficult times the PCs may find themselves involved in tense negotiations where a poor resolution could result in renewed hostilities.

In a world where the Dragonmarked Houses have tight control on the economy of the Five Nations, the PCs may find themselves pitted against the one of the Houses for a contract that could make or break the PCs fortunes.


The PCs are compeeting in a negotiation to protect a wealthy independent merchants caravan. But things are never that simple. There are other groups, including competing Dragonmarked Houses, also bidding on the contract.

  • The PCs are competing for the contract against House Deneith’s Blademark Guild.
  • House Orien has offered to provide protection and transportation. The PCs need to convince the merchant that they offer the better value.
  • A rival adventuring party has offered to protect the caravan.


2 PC Level +2 (6 successes before 3 failures).

Primary Skills

Bluff, Diplomacy, History, Insight, Intimidate, Perception

Secondary Skill



The DC for the checks in this challenge all start at Moderate. After the first failure the move to Hard. Obtaining three successes will move the DC down from Hard to Moderate, or Moderate to Easy.


You attempt to convince the merchant that your abilities are greater than they really are.


Through artful conversation you put your adversary on the defensive and gain favour with the merchant.


You recall an event from the past and use it to discredit your adversary or remind the merchant as to why they should put their faith in you.


You notice some non-verbal cues from the merchant which you use to leverage your position.


You don’t threaten the merchant – as that would be a poor negotiating tactic – you do however, imply that your party provides the best services and you just might be willing to back that up.


You notice a flaw with the merchant’s intended route and point it out.


You do some research about your rival before the negotiations. Apply a +2 bonus on one skill check of your choice during the skill challenge.


The PCs successfully negotiate and win the contract.


You are unable to secure the contract. Better luck next time!

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