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by Wimwick (Neil Ellis) on July 20, 2009

We’ve added a new feature to Dungeon’s Master, the Staff Pick. These are older posts from our archives that Ameron and I wanted to highlight. Look for our Staff Picks in the left navigation below our five most popular posts. We’ll update our Staff Picks regularly with articles we think new readers might find interesting and that long-time readers may benefit from discovering again.

With this first update we’ve choosen to highlight two of our articles from our first month.

Ameron’s Pick

The article on Speeding up Your Game is one that we’ve had a lot of traction with. It’s an article that Ameron and I constantly refer others back to and is a discussion that never really seems to get old. Whether your playing an LFR module at your local game shop, a worldwide D&D game day or playing at a convention, the tips that are found in the article will serve you well.

Wimwick’s Pick

The Necromancer: Paragon Path is an article I’ve always liked. One of the things that I feel has been neglected about the Wizard class are Specialist Wizards. With that in mind my choice is the Paragon Path we created for the Necromancer. While the Open Grave supplement touched on some nectomantic elements it didn’t deliver a necromancer paragon path. We may see something in the future, until then feel free to use our paragon path for your undead slaying PC.

What about you, do you have any favourite articles at Dungeon’s Master or a subject you’d like to see us write more about?

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