Secrets of Eberron Revealed (Part 3)

by Wimwick (Neil Ellis) on September 24, 2009

The Treaty of Thronehold was signed three years ago. Since then old grievances have festered and grown into a cancerous hatred. Those with a grudge look for ways to eliminate their enemies. Prosperity, of a sorts, has also returned and individuals with extra gold look to acquire unique pets for their own purposes.

In our third installment of Secrets of Eberron Revealed, we look at a rogue faction of House Deneith that is abusing the power of the Sentinel Marshalls. Next, we look at a Nature Reserve on the Talenta plains and the secret the Halflings are hiding.

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Marshall Abuse

The Last War created many grievances and grudges. With the signing of the Treaty of Thronehold and the ensuing peace many of those who were wronged have had little recourse in gaining revenge. House Deneith has its fair share of grievances from the war. Many of its members served in the Blademark Guild during the war. These men and women witnessed a great deal of action as they fought for the various kingdoms. Many of their comrades were killed due to poor intelligence, others because allegiances switched mid-battle.

While many of the members of the Blademark Guild have put these events behind them, some have not. Many House elders openly suggest that House Deneith was used by the Five Nations and other Houses during the war. That many of the missions the Blademark Guild undertook were sabotaged on purpose to weaken the house. One such individual who believes this is General Braelin d’Deneith. Brealin has maintained an obsessive hatred for those he felt wronged him and the soldiers under his command during the war. With the conflict over, Braelin has found a new position of influence within the House. He’s been promoted to commander of the Sentinel Marshalls.

Using his considerable influence Braelin has filled many of the positions below him with men from his former command in the Blademark Guild. With the Sentinel Marshalls position of authority reinforced by the Treaty of Thronehold, Braelin and his men dispense justice, real and imagined, against past threats to the House.

Adventure Hooks

  • A NPC with a close relationship to the PCs has been targeted by Braelin’s men. The NPC maintains his innocence, will the PCs stand up to the Sentinel Marshall’s on the NPCs behalf?
  • Upon waking one morning and entering the common room of an Inn a PC finds a group of Sentinel Marshalls waiting to take him into custody. The PC is innocent (or not) of the crime. Do they run, fight or surrender?

The Talenta Nature Preserve

The Halflings of the Talenta plains are known for the dinosaurs that they ride. These mounts are fast and dangerous. The relationship between these beasts and their riders let the Halflings of the Talenta Plains to respond quickly to threats against their homeland. The mere knowledge of the dinosaurs makes many would be adventurers think twice about entering Halfling territory.

For their part, the Halflings have created a nature preserve where they breed the dinosaurs. Here the Halfling dinosaur trainers select the most vicious bulls for mating, to produce superior mounts. The nature preserve covers a vast area; while it’s not formally enclosed its borders are patrolled regularly by Halfling Outriders.

What is known to only a few Elders among the tribes of the Talenta plains is that buried beneath the nature preserve is an ancient temple. Dedicated to the dark gods, the temple is also a link to the plain of Xoriat. While ancient seals keep the gate shut, the Halflings feel it is their duty to ensure that no one find the temple and release the evil it holds.

Adventure Hooks

  • A scholar from Morgrave University has hired the PCs to capture several specimens of dinosaurs. The scholar will pay more if they can be transported back to Morgrave University alive.
  • House Vadalis would like a few dinosaurs to use in its breeding program. The House has approached the Halflings formally and has always been rebuffed. The PCs are hired to create a distraction while member of the House kidnap some dinosaurs.
  • Members of the Aurum have been studying the Draconic prophecy. Their research has led them to believe that an artifact important to the fulfilment of the prophecy lies in an ancient temple in the Talenta plains. The PCs are hired to infiltrate the temple and retrieve the item.

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