Month in Review: September 2009

by Ameron (Derek Myers) on October 1, 2009

September was a big month for D&D with the release of the DMG2. Keeping that in mind, we ran a lot of articles geared towards the DM last month. But that didn’t mean that we forgot about the players entirely. As usual we try to provide a good balance between DM and player resources. We also provided two new skill challenges, a couple of book reviews, some Eberron-specific materials and of course our opinion on a number of D&D related topics. September was another great month at Dungeon’s Master and as we so often do we want to thank you, the readers, for visiting us every day. If you’re new to Dungeon’s Master then you might have missed some of the great articles we ran throughout September. Here are the highlights.


DM Resources

Players Resources


Skills and Skill Challenges



A Look Ahead

October is traditionally undead month at Wizards of the Coast and we thought we’d follow their lead in this regard. So throughout October we’ll provide a lot of undead related articles for DMs and players. We’ll look at how to run intelligent undead villains like the lich and the vampire, we’ll re-revisit the 4e Necromancer and we’ll take a look at the ever-expanding vampire phenomenon and how it affects D&D. In just a few days we’ll reach our 200th post and to celebrate the milestone we’ll share Dungeon’s Master greatest hits. Be sure to visit us every day in October.

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