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by Wimwick (Neil Ellis) on October 22, 2009

This past week has been a momentous one for the RPG Bloggers Network. The founding members have decided to step aside and hand the reins over to someone new. Of course this decision didn’t necessarily come about through a desire to move onto new projects, rather it was born out of conflict.

First, I must tip my hat to the founding member of the Network. Thank you for your work and your passion. Your desire to foster a community of like-minded bloggers has benefited us all.

While researching and preparing to launch Dungeon’s Master we discovered the Network and decided that we would join as soon as we felt we qualified. Since that time the Network has sent us roughly 13% of all of our traffic.

In our minds the Network was a great way of reaching out to potential readers that might not initially find us. That we could send readers back to find other great RPG blogs was a great bonus and it’s something we’ve been happy to do.

Of concern is how the recent conflict has created a rift in the community. While I don’t pretend that the world is perfect, the divergence of opinions over the past week about the Network has been unsettling. I hope in time that things will heal and the community will be stronger for it.

For our part we’re going to continue to do what we enjoy, which is create great content geared towards 4e D&D. We hope that the Network will work through these growing pains and we look forward to working with whoever becomes the new administrator.

Ameron’s provides his thoughts on this subject in Changes are Coming to the RPG Bloggers Network, Update Your Blogroll.

1 Bog97th October 23, 2009 at 4:56 am

Not only a good part of your traffic but it’s also how some many people find different blogs to begin with. Me included……

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