Secrets of Eberron Revealed (Part 4)

by Ameron (Derek Myers) on October 9, 2009

More secrets of Eberron are revealed as we look at two areas outside of the traditional Five Nations. Discover the dangers and riches that accompany the Q’barra Jungle Hunt. If you need a message delivered to a prisoner in the worlds most secure prison the only way to do it is to contact the secretive Dreadhold Information Network.

Discover more Secrets of Eberron Revealed in our latest installments of this ongoing series.

Q’barra Jungle Hunt

The walled city of Newthrone in New Galifar is not as safe as King Sebastes wants the public to believe. Rangers loyal to the king constantly scout the jungles around the city assessing possible threats from the local wildlife. Dangerous monsters are constantly moving into territories near Newthrone and pose a very real threat to its safety.

In order to eliminate this threat and keep the city safe, King Sebastes holds a secret jungle hunt every year. It’s help keep Newthrone safe by eliminating the monsters most likely to attack the city before they actually do. As an added and unexpected side effect it creates a small economic boom as participants in the hunt arrive in Newthrone from across the continent.

Some hunters participate for honour, others for the thrill of the hunt, but most do it for the prizes. The hunting party that returns with the best trophy is handsomely rewarded for their prize. Rumours of dragons in the area has peaked the interest of a lot of new hunters this year.

Adventure Hooks

  • The PCs need money fast. When they hear about the hunt they figure killing a few monsters seems like an easy way to earn a few coins.
  • An NPC that the party is looking for never misses the hunt. If they pose as hunters themselves they may have better luck finding their elusive quarry.
  • Shortly after the hunt begins wounded members of a hunting party return to Newthrone. Some of their companions are still out in the jungle, wounded and dieing. They beg the PCs to find their friends before more monsters do.

The Dreadhold Information Network

Dreadhold is the island prison run with an iron fist by the Dwarves of House Kundarak. It’s a super-max prison from which no one escapes. Criminals too dangerous to imprison within the Five Nations are sent to Dreadhold where they are often forgotten by the outside world.

Members of House Kundarak handle the most important jobs like running the facility and guarding the prisoners, but the regular day-to-day jobs like cooking and cleaning are done by normal, regular, every-day people.

Over the years some of these regular people have formed a society called Dreadhold Information Network or the D.I.N. They use their access to the deepest recesses of the prison to relay message in and out of Dreadhold.

House Kundarak denies the existence of the D.I.N. and dismisses the very notion of anything – even information – getting out of Dreadhold without their knowledge as preposterous. Others believe that House Kundarak actually supports and assists the D.I.N. for some unknown purpose. Either way, the best way to get a message in or out of Dreadhold without worrying about the wrong eyes reading it is to use the D.I.N.

Adventure Hooks

  • As the PCs continue on their quest for a lost treasure, the next clue leads them to a man currently imprisoned in Dreadhold. With his information the treasure is as good as theirs. Without it the treasure may never be found.
  • A friend of the PCs claims that she is the rightful heir to her father’s fortune – a claim being disputed by her distant cousin. Since there is no will it could go either way. Her father is actually alive and being held in Dreadhold as a political prisoner. If the PCs can get him to divulge the location of his will the rightful heir will inherit.

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1 Jamie October 11, 2009 at 2:05 am

As a long-time Eberron fan and hopeful GM sometime in the future, I appreciate this – I’ve had trouble at times trying to think up ideas for an Eberron game.
.-= Jamie´s last blog ..The Dark Reign of Urban Horror =-.

2 Wimwick October 12, 2009 at 11:14 am

@ Jamie
We’re glad you’re enjoying the series on Secrets of Eberron. Eberron is the game world that the team from Dungeon’s Master plays in, so creating these articles is a lot of fun for us. Look for more down the road.

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