The Origin Of Dragonmarks

by Wimwick (Neil Ellis) on October 14, 2009

Mark of Scribing

Mark of Scribing

The Dragonmarked Heirs that walk the streets of Khorvaire are a unique and powerful group. Their Dragonmarked Houses control much of the industry and commerce that occurs on Eberron. Their power expands across national borders and in some cases beyond continents. But what is a dragonmark and how does it manifest?

Dragonmarks are tied to the Draconic Prophecy, the mark is a physical manifestation of the prophecy on flesh. For those with the right knowledge, the prophecy can be read on the skin of the mortals who carry the various marks. Most dragonmarked heirs are ignorant of this fact, believing only that their mark grants them priviledge and status above all others.

Few give any thought to the origins of their mark. Still fewer question why only certain bloodlines manifest the mark.

As the mortal races rush towards their destiny, other beings patiently manipulating events to fulfill their understanding of the draconic prophecy. It is a game that plays itself out over countless years. While not a road map of future events, the draconic prophecy does act as a guide towards what the future may hold. That future is subject to interpretation and it may not unfold as planned.

While the prophecy acts as a guide towards future events on Eberron, dragonmarks are the physical manifestation of the prophecy. If the dragonmarked heirs of the various houses knew of the origin of their marks they might pause and wonder as to their true purpose in life.

For each dragonmark that exists is tied to a dragon born on distant Argonnessen. In this way each dragonmark is tied to two beings with drastically different life spans and ambitions. It is no wonder that dragon-kind view mortals with such disdain, for these beings are aware that their energy is twinned with a mortal and that the relationship manifests in the form of a dragonmark.

This is dragonkinds best kept secret, they fear the power mortals might weild over them if connection was realized. The secret was almost revealed with the birth of Erandil d’Vol. The knowledge that a half dragon-elf existed caused dragons of all stripes to set aside their conflict with the elves to ensure that this abomination was destroyed.

Dragonkind could not allow a mortal with a dragonmark to also potentially gain the secret of the dragonmarks origin. To set an example for the other dragonmarked houses, House Vol was eradicated. To this date no dragon has twinned its destiny with a potential heir of House Vol for fear of reprisals from other dragons. The effects of this decision on the draconic prophecy are unkown. There are some who believe it is only a matter of time before the Mark of Death manifests itself once more.

The draconic prophecy continues to play out and it is only a matter of time before more dragonmarked heirs realize their destiny is tied to more than the ambitions of their house and material propsperity.

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1 Sean Holland October 14, 2009 at 2:43 pm

Very nice. A good reminder that dragonmarks are part of the ‘big picture’ of Eberron not just a source of power.
.-= Sean Holland´s last blog ..Fiction – Wizard’s Path II =-.

2 Wimwick October 14, 2009 at 5:27 pm

@ Sean Holland
I’m glad you enjoyed the article. I’ve always enjoyed the political aspects of dragonmarks and when you consider them in relation to the draconic prophecy it opens up even more doors for adventure.

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