What Happened On The Day Of Mourning?

by Wimwick (Neil Ellis) on October 16, 2009

What happened on the Day of Mourning? There are many theories on what happened that fatal day and no one knows for sure.

Some believe that an Eldritch device planted by the Royal Eyes of Aundair caused the heavens to open up destroy Cyre. Others believe the Cannith creation forges were overworked, leaking uncontrolled arcane engery causing the devestation that resulted in the Day of Mourning.

There are as many theories to the origins of the Day of Mourning as there are souls in Khorvaire. If the remaining nations knew the truth of what happened on that fateful day, the surviving citizens of Cyre would find themselves unwelcome and hunted by all nations.

In the years leading up to the Mourning, Queen Dannel realized that her hopes of winning the war were waning. Her troops were demoralized and her kingdom was in ruin. Cyre had seen the brunt of too many offensives. If Cyre was going to survive and prosper Queen Dannel knew that drastic action was required.

Summoning her war council and the heads of several dragonmarked houses, Queen Dannel outlined her plan. In short Cyre needed a reprieve from war. She knew that if diplomatic channels were used at least one of the other nations would percieve it as a sign of weakness and launch an offensive. Therefore she decided that a barrier was required to seperate Cyre from the other nations. Queen Dannel envisioned a wall of force that would protect Cyre from the ravages of war. With the barrier in place Cyre could rebuild, refortify and emerge a stronger nation.

With this vision in mind members of House Cannith, Kundarak and Denieth began to work together designing a protective barrier that would surround all of Cyre. A ring of amplifiers were placed around the borders of Cyre and on the Day of Mourning House Cannith Artificers activated the barrier at the request of Queen Dannel.

It’s unknown what happened at that time, but something intefered with the barrier. Rather than a shimmering wall of force a gray mist rose up blocking all sight beyond the border of Cyre. The invading armies of Thrane, Breland and Karrnath witnessed the mists rise up and fled from the battlefield in terror. The forces of Cyre, prewarned that something would happen, did not give chase.

The lands beyond Cyre became twisted in the grey nether. Magic does not work as it should. The scholars of House Cannith have determined that some unknown force or entity altered the amplifiers that powered the barrier. Rather than a wall of force, Cyre was transported to the plane of shadow. Starrin d’Cannith assures Queen Dannel that when she is ready the barrier can be lowered and Cyre will return once more to Khorvaire.

With this news Queen Dannel has been rebuilding the fortifications of Cyre and rearming her armies. House Cannith has also been churning out new warforged to bolster the army.

Not all has gone as planned for Queen Dannel. She has found resistance to her plans from two sources. Not all the soldiers of the invading armies fled when the barrier went up and the survivors have now formed a resistance movement. They use guerilla tactics to hamper the rebuilding efforts.

The other source of resistance comes from a faction of Queen Dannels supporters. They have grown accustomed to the peace that the barrier provides. They feel that Cyre should remain where it is, cut off from the rest of Khorvaire.

The remaining members of House Cannith, Kundark and Deneith on Khorvaire have not said a word about their possible involvement in the Day of Mourning. They know that should knowledge of their part on that fateful day become known their houses fortunes would change.

Adventure Hooks

  • The scenario above allows a DM to run a campaign in Cyre as opposed to the rest of Eberron. The PCs could be part of the resistance movement within Cyre. Individuals who are looking to thwart Cyre’s plans and to find a way home.
  • The PCs have learned that the Day of Mourning was caused from a royal edict from Queen Dannel, further they’ve learned that a dragonmarked house was involved.

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1 Dakron October 16, 2009 at 11:35 am

Wow, I really like the idea that the Mourning was caused by Cyre, but they didn’t destroy themselves. This will now be the explanation for the Day of Mourning in my next game.

I like the unknown force that tampered with the amplifiers. Did they know what it would do? Did they do it to help the push for peace without actually killing an entire nation? Will they work to keep Cyre in the plane of shadow?

Great article. I am a huge Eberron fan, so love seeing articles about gaming there.

2 Wimwick October 16, 2009 at 6:55 pm

@ Dakron
I’m glad you enjoyed today’s article. I’m a big fan of Eberron and it’s where the Dungeon’s Master team set their campaigns. This idea was provided by Ashonee one of our group members. I’ve taken his original idea and spun a little tale.

3 Dean October 17, 2009 at 5:20 pm

Hmmm…I like this idea, but wonder how it explains what the rest of Khorvaire sees when they go into the Mournland. It’s not like people can’t get past the gray mist going in.

4 Wimwick October 17, 2009 at 8:26 pm

@ Dean
My vision of this is that The Mournland as presented in the offical sourcebooks exists, the ‘barrier’ described actually transported Cyre and the Mournland is what’s left behind. The lands outside the transported ‘Cyre’ appear to be like the Mournland found on Khorvaire.

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