Month in Review: October 2009

by Ameron (Derek Myers) on November 1, 2009

October saw some significant changes throughout the RPG blogging community with the announcement that the guys currently running the RPG Bloggers Network are stepping down and handing over the reigns to someone else. The Dungeon’s Master team followed the posts and emails that ensued and decided to see where the dust settles. Until then, we’re going to just keep on doing what we do best, post great articles about 4e D&D.

In October we posted a lot of great articles including many featuring undead, the Necromancer and the macabre, two new entries in our Skill Focus series, three new skill challenges, advice for running and playing in solo games and of course a few articles about Eberron. If you missed a few days in October, now’s your chance to get caught up. All the month’s highlights are presented below. Thanks to all the readers who visited and commented in October. A special thanks to everyone who subscribed to our RSS feed this month. Knowing that people want to hear what we have to say about D&D helps keep us moving in the right direction month after month.



In October, Dragon Magazine and Dungeon Magazine focus heavily on undead. We thought we’d follow their example.

Skill Challenges

Our skill challenge library continues to expand with the addition of these three new skill challenges and two new entries in our Skill Focus series.

The RPG Online Community

The future of the RPG Bloggers Network is uncertain as the current admins announced they’re stepping down. Wimwick weighs in on the situation with his commentary On The RPG Bloggers Network. Ameron offers further suggestions to the RPG Blogging community in Changes are Coming to the RPG Bloggers Network, Update Your Blogroll.

DM Resources

Player Resources


  • What Happened On The Day Of Mourning? – The Mourning is the greatest mystery in Eberron. Any explanation is possible, but we think these have real merit.
  • The Origin Of Dragonmarks – Where did the first dragonmarks come from and how are they tied to the draconic prophecy and the draconic races? We offer some suggestions.
  • Secrets of Eberron Revealed (Part 4) – In the latest installment of this ongoing series we look into the Q’barra Jungle Hunt and the secrets of the Dreadhold Information Network.

A Look Ahead

In November you can expect more skill challenges, new entries in our Skill Focus series, the revised Necromancer paragon path and epic destiny, a look at the art of D&D, some recommended reading from Dungeon’s Master, and a multi-part interview with Eberron author Don Bassingthwaite. Stay tuned during November for the first Dungeon’s Master contest announcement. We’re looking at another great month here at Dungeon’s Master so be sure to visit every day.

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