LFR Magic Item Treasure Bundle List (Part 2)

by Ameron (Derek Myers) on February 8, 2010

A few months ago we provided you with a Living Forgotten Realms (LFR) magic item treasure bundle list. The original list included a complete inventory of magic items available from 78 different LFR adventures. As promised, we’ve updated the list and added loot from 23 more LFR adventures. This includes 8 paragon adventures for PCs level 11-14 and the first paragon adventure for PCs level 14-17.

A lot of people complain that as Wizards updates the rules some of the best and most powerful items and powers are being significantly weakened. If you’ve put in serious time and effort to develop your PC and then Wizards changes the way your powers work or the way your favourite item behaves there’s been little recourse – until now.

On the Wizards Community LFR area, there was an important notice regarding items and powers that are affected by updates (errata).

Here are the latest details on what you can do about magic items that have changed.

When a purchased magic item is affected by an official rules update, the player has the option to sell the item back at the price paid for it, including (if relevant) upgrades that the PC paid for, but not including any upgrades that the PC did not pay for.

Here are the latest details on what you can do about powers and feats that have changed.

When any class feature, feat, power, or paragon path is changed by an official update, affected characters receive free retraining in order to make the necessary changes. These free retrains do not count against the normal limit of 1 retrain per level or 1 class feature retrain per the life of a character.

This is great news to those of us who have experienced the “inconvenience” that has come with updates designed to improve the game (everyone playing a Battlerager Fighter knows exactly what I’m talking about).

See the official RPGA Character Creation Guide for the most up to date rules and regulations. Visit Wizards of the Coast for more information about Living Forgotten Realms.

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