State Of The Dungeon – 1 Year Later

by Wimwick (Neil Ellis) on February 1, 2010

What a year it’s been. When Ameron and I launched Dungeon’s Master a year ago, we did so with humble expectations. While we anticipated that others would find our corner of the Internet, we weren’t sure how far our reach would extend. Our goal was to post articles about 4e D&D 5 days a week . We’d cover a wide range of topics that we found interesting, specifically articles about skill challenges and DDI’s impact on the game. As I look back at the posts from the past year I can see that we’ve done that and much more.

Over the past year we’ve published 296 articles about 4e D&D. As I look forward into the next year I can see another 300 posts ahead of us, and it’s exciting. Daily brainstorming sessions continue to see Ameron and I develop new ideas about the game that we’re excited to share with the greater D&D community. We hope to provide DMs and players plenty of D&D content that they can use to enhance their gaming experience.

We’ve been fortunate to develop a great deal of relationships over the past year. The RPG Bloggers Network gave us early exposure to the community. Individual blog writers who share our passions for 4e. Our over 400 subscribers and everyone who has joined the conversation at Dungeon’s Master, your continued support makes Dungeon’s Master a joy to write. This past year saw some of our posts recognized by Wizards of the Coast and several articles were highlighted in the their website’s news section. This culminated with an interview request from Bart Carroll at Wizards. It was a great honour to share our experiences with the greater D&D community. Our readership since this interview is up and we welcome all of our new subscribers and readers.

Our hope is that each of you continue to journey with us as we explore 4e D&D, to share your ideas about the game we all love. As always if there is a topic you’d like covered or discussed further, let us know.

Now on to the statistics.

Tomorrow is day one of a new year. Join us for the adventure.

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