Month in Review: May 2010

by Ameron (Derek Myers) on June 1, 2010

May was a great month for Dungeon’s Master. As we learned anything about the upcoming Dark Sun setting we shared it with eager readers. Our weekly recap of the D&D Encounters program continues to be popular and gets a lot of great comments. We also provided our usual opinion of how to make your D&D better for players and DMs.

Every month we publish a recap of all the material we published in the previous month. This is a great way for readers to get caught up on anything they might have missed. You’ll find all of May’s highlights below. Thanks to everyone who visited in May. We’ll keep striving to put out top quality work and welcome your comments, feedback and discussion.


Dark Sun

The Dark Sun Campaign Guide may not be hitting shelves until August, but we’ve got plenty of great Dark Sun material to hold you over and get you excited about the new D&D setting.

D&D Encounters

D&D Encounters is a 12-part adventure from Wizards of the Coast and it’s played out one encounter each week over 12 weeks. Check out our ongoing coverage and don’t miss the exciting conclusion happening in June.

Player Resources

DM Resources

The Best of Dungeon’s Master

During May we asked you, the readers, to help us choose The Best of Dungeon’s Master. Even though the voting is still open, here’s how the results shaped up after a month. Thanks to everyone who voted. The best of Dungeon’s Master are:

  1. Eight Rules That Will Make You A Better DM (35%)
  2. I’m Your Cleric, Not Your Bitch! (32%)
  3. What’s a +1 Sword? (23%)
  4. More Than Just Minions (23%)

A Look Ahead

In June we’ll provide more information and articles on the upcoming Dark Sun setting, including weekly recaps of D&D Encounters season two. We’ll also be sure to balance that with a few new Eberron-centric articles. If you’re a power gaming, min-maxer then don’t miss our articles on powerful builds and complimenting magic items. Of course we’ll also have a few articles on skills and skill challenges. And before the month’s end we’ll hit our 400th post so watch for that too. June looks like it will be another great month at Dungeon’s Master so be sure to visit every day.

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