GenCon Resources for Players and DMs

by Ameron (Derek Myers) on July 28, 2010

In preparation for GenCon we’ve scoured our archives and compiled the most useful convention tips for players and DMs. Of course, most of these tips are suitable for any gaming environment, so if you’re unable to get to Indianapolis next weekend we think you’ll still find this collection helpful.

Player Resources

We’ve written a few player resource lists since we first launched the site and most of these tips are just as relevant today as they were when we first published them. You may notice that a few of these tips appear on more than one list. Our feeling is that if it’s important it’s worth repeating.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to remind all players that there’s a fine line between being helpful and being a Gaming Jerk. Please bear this in mind when you’re at GonCon. We’re all excited to be there and it’s easy to let your enthusiasm get the better of you. Being helpful, especially when there are new players at the table, is a great idea. Just remember not to be too helpful.

DM Resources

Our DM resources stem from our own personal experiences. We understand that a good DM makes all the difference at any game table. These tips are timely reminders to all the DMs running games next weekend at GenCon. The Dungeon’s Master team wants to thank everyone who volunteered to DM at GenCon this summer. Without the DMs there wouldn’t be any games.

Living Forgotten Realms (LFR)

For many of us, D&D is the game we play most often (if not exclusively). The most popular D&D games going on at GenCon are the LFR adventures. Before you sit down to play, make sure you’re familiar with the latest RPGA update.

If you’ve got time to squeeze another game or two in before GenCon, be sure to check out our updated treasure bundle list. Find the treasure you most want on the list and ask your DM to play that adventure this weekend.

D&D Championship

The D&D Championship is one of those rare times when you can actually win at D&D. It’s a tournament where players are scored for their performance and the winners advance to compete for great prizes. Last year, each member of the winning team walked away with about $1,500 in D&D swag. This year, the Dungeon’s Master team wants to win.

The 2010 D&D Championship adventure, A Hole in the World, uses level 25 pre-generated characters. Those lucky or skilled enough to advance to the finals get to use the level 30 versions of the same pre-generated PCs. For many, this is likely to be the first time their experiencing epic play.

The event is completely sold out, but if you already have a ticket and are scheduled to play Thursday, August 5 at 1:00 p.m. we want you to join our team. Good luck to all participants.

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