Month in Review: July 2010

by Ameron (Derek Myers) on August 2, 2010

In July we learned about D&D Camp, covered our participation in D&D Encounters Dark Sun, looked at adventuring parties lacking a role player and wrote about GenCon. If you missed any of the great articles we ran in July this is your chance to get caught up. For all of our loyal readers who visited throughout July, we express out thanks. And to new readers just discovering us, we welcome you and hope you keep coming back every day.


GenCon 2010

D&D Camp

Bauxtehude has the best summer job ever – D&D Camp Councilor. Read all about his experiences.

The Sub-Optimal Party

Inspired by the current party make-up at our own game table, Wimwick explored the ways in which a party lacking one of the four roles might still prove successful.

Player Resources

DM Resources

Dark Sun

In July our Dark Sun focus was primarily with D&D Encounters season two. However, Wimwick spent some time looking back at the original Dark Sun campaing setting and reminded us that Dark Sun Is Deadly.

We continued providing weekly updates of D&D Encounters Dark Sun. Regrettably I was ill an unable to play during week 8 which is why there was no write up this week.


The Eberron tab at the top of the page provides easy access to all of our Eberron resources.

  • Secrets of Eberron Revealed (Part 8.) – Who’s the real King of Breland: Boranel or a pauper named Canty who bears a striking resemblance to Boranel? Learn how criminals are avoiding the soldier of Deneith with remarkable effectiveness.

A Look Ahead

August is likely to be a very busy and unpredictable month. Both Wimwick and Ameron are heading to GenCon this week and there will likely be a lot of writing that comes from our experiences in Indianapolis. Expect updates throughout GenCon as we share out thoughts and experiences. August will also include more D&D Encounters Dark Sun updates, more articles on Eberron, more recommended reading, a commentary on the Wizard errata process, new traps and hazards, real-life inspiration for creating battle maps and an epic skill challenge. As always, we welcome your input so keep commenting. If you’ve got an idea for an article or if there’s a topic you’d like us to cover just send us an email or leave a comment below. Be sure to visit Dungeon’s Master every day in August for more great D&D article.

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