Month in Review: September 2010

by Ameron (Derek Myers) on October 4, 2010

In September two topics dominated Dungeon’s Master: the Adventure Builder Workshop series and our coverage of D&D Encounters. These weren’t the only topics we covered but they certainly filled out the month. We also debated the pros and cons of LFR and began our series on the Tomb of Horrors. There was a lot of great gaming advice and lively debate happening at Dungeon’s Master in September. If you happened to miss any of it, here’s your changes to get caught up.

Our regular readers know that we normally publish our month in review article on the first day of the month. We were ready to publish it on Friday, but after reading about the proposed changes coming to LFR based on D&D Essentials we decided to preempt our normal schedule to cover this more timely topic. So without further delay, here are all of the highlights from September.


Adventure Builder Workshop

At GenCon this August Wimwick attended the Adventure Builder Workshop. Throughout September he shared the details of this seminar in an 8-part series.

D&D Encounters

In September D&D Encounters: Dark Sun (season 2) finished up and D&D Encounter: Keep on the Borderlands (season 3) began. Regrettably, we didn’t have enough participants to play the final encounter of the Dark Sun adventure at my FLGS, so in place of the usual weekly write-up Bauxtehude provided a wrap up in which he shared his thoughts on the highs and lows of season 2. Keep on the Borderlands is now underway. It uses the new D&D Essentials rules and we shared the six pre-generated characters provided in the adventure kit (all of which were created using Essentials).

Living Forgotten Realms (LFR)

Bauxtehude and Ameron agree to disagree when they take opposite sides of the Love LFR / Hate LFR discussion.

Skill Challenges

Wimwick explored The Challenge Of Writing Skill Challenges and explained the ins and outs of putting skill challenges together. The Skill Challenges tab at the top of the page provides easy access to all of our skill aides and skill challenges.

Player Resources

A Look Ahead

In October we’ll provide ongoing coverage of D&D Encounters: Keep on the Borderlands, more installments in our Tomb of Horrors series, including actual-play podcasts, Eberron and Forgotten Realms novel reviews, a new addition to our traps & hazards series, more articles on skill challenges and of course we look at the undead as we get closer to Halloween. We’ll also keep our eye on changes to LFR based on D&D Essentials and keep you posted. October should be another great month so be sure to visit Dungeon’s Master every day.

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