Secrets of Eberron Revealed (Part 9)

by Wimwick (Neil Ellis) on November 12, 2010

The Last War ravaged Khorvaire. The Five Nations drew the entire continent into a war that lasted a century. An uneasy peace has kept open conflict from flaring up, but signs of tension are present and it may take only the smallest altercation to set off open warfare.

The common people gave and suffered the most during the war. Border towns frequently found themselves under the rule of different nations several times throughout the war. With the constant changing of allegiance most commoners lost interest in the origins of the conflict. Since the signing of the Thronehold Accord a small and silent group has grown amongst the populace, their goal to ensure that their sons and daughters don’t die in any future conflict.

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The League of Remembrance

The small communities within the Five Nations gave and lost a great deal during the war. Their crops were taken to feed armies and cities, and their young were sent off to fight. When the war ended all that returned were broken bodies. Most soldiers didn’t return home to the fields, they were either dead or flocked to the cities drawn there by the promise of a more stable future.

In the aftermath of the war villagers began to talk. What had they gained from the war? Increased taxes, lives lost, futures destroyed. Small villages require their young to continue to grow, to maintain their way of life. The war robbed all of that from the common folk of Khorvaire.

As the years have passed a small group of villagers have begun to do more than just talk about the loss sustained. Led mostly by the women of the village they have started to band together, forming an informal society known as the League of Remembrance. Their objective, should war break out again, is to deny the nobility the very things it requires: food and soldiers.

The League is unique as it has spread across national boundaries. Villages in all lands are willing to stand up for themselves and deny the noble class soldiers for a future war. The resolve of the League hasn’t yet been tested and only time will tell if it will be successful. Should war break out once more will the rulers send the armies against their own people to force them into obedience?

Plot Hooks

  • Rumour of the League has reached the ears of the nobles. They are rightly concerned that there traditional place of power is being threatened by the very people they rule. The PCs are hired to investigate the League and report back as to whether it is a serious threat.
  • The League of Remembrance approaches the PCs and requests there services. The League is hoping to make an overture to the nobles and ask that the PCs bring a proposal forward reinforcing the Thronehold Accords.
  • The PCs have become aware that the Blood of Vol has become aware of the League and is using it as a way to spread its grasp on the people of Khorvaire. With every new convert more blood is collected and new initiate identified. Soon Vol will have her own army of faithful servants and obedient undead. With the people resisting the efforts of the nobility Vol will be able to exert her will directly on the leaders of the Five Nations.

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