Tomb of Horrors: Actual Play Podcasts (Part 3)

by Ameron (Derek Myers) on December 10, 2010

The actual play podcasts of our trip to the Tomb of Horrors continues with five new episodes. Follow the adventures of six experienced gamers as they delve into the Tomb of Horrors for the very first time.

Before diving into these podcasts, be sure to check out the DM’s introduction as well as the earlier podcasts and an assortment of photos in Tomb of Horrors: Actual Play Podcasts (Part 1 | Part 2).

You can find all episodes of our Tomb of Horrors actual play podcasts in iTunes. Search for “The Shattered Sea” in the iTunes store’s podcast section. The artist is Liam Gallagher (Bauxtehude’s name in real life). You can also subscribe to The Shattered Sea with any feed-reader of pod-catcher by visiting The Shattered Sea and clicking on “Subscribe in a Reader.”

Tomb of Horrors Episode #6, session 2 part 3

The party hears voices and sees a faint light in the distance. As they move closer to investigate they are nearly killed by the shifting floor that slides the heroes into the elemental vent.

Episode 6 | Launch Podcast

Tomb of Horrors Episode #7, session 3 part 1

The party finds the tomb of Acererak and has to battle the evil lich-lord himself. It’s a perilous fight in which some of the heroes end up making death saves and realize that death is a real possibility when fighting the master of the Tomb of Horrors.

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Tomb of Horrors Episode #8, session 3 part 2

The party takes inventory of the loot they acquired in the tomb of the false Acererak. They are then stumped by a magic door that can only be opened by casting three rituals in a specific order. After solving that puzzle, they find themselves in a room with three large vats.

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Tomb of Horrors Episode #9, session 4 part 1

The party searches the room with the vats only to discover that one contains deadly oozes hiding within it. The oozes prove to be more difficult to defeat then first expected as they divide and multiply when they get hit. Quick thinking sends one of the monsters to the feywild at a critical moment saving the party from certain doom.

Episode 9 | Launch Podcast

Tomb of Horrors Episode #10, session 4 part 2

The party continues deeper into the dungeon. They face hazardous spiked-filled pits, doors that are trapped to shoot arrows and finally a room filled with strange mold. Afterwards the PCs find themselves at literal cross-roads when they have to decide if they want to rest in the bowels of the tomb or back-track before resting.

Episode 10 | Launch Podcast

Visit Dungeon’s Master next week when we post the conclusion of the Tomb of Horrors actual play podcasts. Will the entire party survive? Will they find and defeat Acererak once and for all? Or will they succumb to the dangers of the Tomb of Horrors as so many adventurers have before them? Listen and find out.

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1 Sunyaku December 13, 2010 at 10:12 pm

So much to listen to! I’ve only had time to get through a few of these. It’s nice audio to have in queue when I’m doing chores (wireless headphones ftw!). As a fairly new DM, I especially find it useful to be exposed to as many other DMs and players as possible, since everyone has a little bit different style, and we can all learn from each other.

2 Francois B. December 14, 2010 at 2:55 pm

Just love the series and the whole group!

Is it me or one of the players has the same voice as Will Wheaton ? (how does 19 work for ya?!)

Can’t wait to try my dm’ing the Super Adventure Tomb of Horrors for my group.

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