Adventure Hooks for Divine Characters (Part 2)

by Ameron (Derek Myers) on May 27, 2011

Last week we gave you 10 Adventure Hooks for Divine Characters. Today we add to that list by providing 10 more. As we mentioned in last week’s article, adventure hooks featuring divine characters can be a lot more complex than typical hooks.

The faith of the divine PCs will often dictate which side of the conflict presented in the adventure hooks they land on. It’s up to the DM to decide which side of the conflict will make for the most interesting encounter. Just remember that divine PCs may choose to act in the best interest of their faith even if it’s not in the best interest of their party.

10 More Adventure Hooks for Divine Characters

  1. A divine PC faces excommunication. He has to defend his behaviour and past deeds or else be cast out. Will this bother the PCs? How hard will he fight to stay in the church’s good graces? Why are they questioning them all?
  2. An intelligent and typically evil monster arrives on the doorsteps of the local church. The monster wants to repent his sins and join the fold.
    [A powerful divine NPC spared his life and converted him. Now the monster sees the light and genuinely wants to change.]
  3. A local high priest deems that living constructs (Warforged) are not allowed to practice religion because they don’t have a soul. How do divine PCs and construct PCs feel about this declaration?
  4. A call goes out to Bards everywhere: a local church is commissioning a new hymn. The reward for the lucky composer chosen to have performed the best hymn is a rare holy item that enhances a person’s Charisma.
  5. All churches in the province stop making Healing Potions. The only explanation they give to adventurers looking to stock up is that their deity commanded production be halted.
    [In reality they are out of a key component or that the ritual has stopped working without explanation. Rather than look weak in their own church the faithful have concocted this lie.]
  6. An NPC claims to be the child of a deity. He has been wandering the countryside spreading the teachings of his parent. Some within the church embrace the NPC and accept his claims at face value. Others fear his growing popularity regardless of his true origins.
    [The NPC found a rusted old ring that he wears on a string around his neck as a holy symbol. It is in fact an old relic that keeps the NPC safe from harm and allows him to perform minor miracles. He has no memory of his past and genuinely believes that he is a deity’s offspring. His motives are truly peaceful.]
  7. Marriage ceremonies performed by one church are deemed invalid by the new Lord. Many wives are leaving husbands, taking material goods and wealth with them. This is upturning local economy.
    [The Lord was looking for a way to have an affair with a married woman without breaking her oaths. He just nullified all weddings since he’s not of the same faith.]
  8. An old church is scheduled for demolition. The local citizens have been raising funds to build a new church for years. Now that the funds are available the Clerics won’t allow a single brick of the original structure to be destroyed.
    [A secret sect of Avengers works out of a secret room in the church’s basement. Demolishing the church will likely reveal the secret room and spark unwanted questions. Is a PC a member of the secret sect or are they a generous donator who is insulted that his donation was rejected?]
  9. A series of numbers are discovered carved into the stone masonry in all churches of similar faiths throughout the countryside. The PCs are asked to try and discover their meaning.
    [This is a celestial treasure map. The numbers represent coordinates, dates and locations. The reward is a holy relic’s final resting place.]
  10. A young, charismatic figure has quickly risen through the ranks of the church. He’s winning over the locals regardless of their faith. No one really knows who he was before he rose to power. The PCs are asked to investigate his background.
    [He is in witness protection. He got bored and decided to hide in plain sight. Until recently he was very quiet and reserved. By going big no one even suspects his true identity.]

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