RPG Blog Carnival: Eldrick Tont – Defender of the Tiger Woods

by Ameron (Derek Myers) on June 28, 2011

Today Dungeon’s Master presents our contribution to this month’s RPG Blog Carnival: Memorable Characters Inspired From Real Life. The real life person, upon which my memorable character was inspired, is golf icon Tiger Woods.

Encounter Setup

The PCs seek the fabled Green Jacket. This enchanted cloth armor is awarded to the most deserving champion annually each spring. Combatants must travel to the Tiger Woods and defeat the reigning champion, Eldrick Tont. Tont accepts all challengers and is ruthless in defense of a prize he believes he rightly deserves.

The competition always takes place in the same clearing deep within the Tiger Woods. The terrain changes during each new encounter. Some areas are only covered in fine grass, while other areas have more dense foliage preventing movement and even line of sight. Some areas are completely devoid of plants, creating sandy traps and hazards. Pools of varying sizes and depths are also common obstacles that combatants must face.

The battle is a combination of combat and tactics. There are two ways to claim the Green Jacket. The first way is to defeat Eldrick Tont in combat. The opponent who delivers the victory blow and reduces Tont to 0 hit points can then claim the Green Jacket as his own.

The second way is to defeat Tont tactically. Scattered throughout the clearing are deep pits, one square wide and 4 squares deep. As soon as any combatant, including Tont, pushes opponents into at least nine different pits the Green Jack appears somewhere in the clearing.

At this point anyone can try to find the prize (with Perception checks) and claim it. However, anyone who has actually accomplished the triggering action automatically knows the location of the Green Jacket. The first creature to touch the Green Jacket wins. No other creature can don the Green Jacket for one year.

Eldrick Tont of the Tiger Woods

  • DMs are encouraged to also create Eldrick Tont’s Caddy, a fey creature who remains at Tont’s side offering him tactical advice.
  • The powers the Green Jacket imbues upon its wearer are left to the DM.

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