Month in Review: June 2012

by Ameron (Derek Myers) on July 3, 2012

After a fantastic Canada Day long weekend we bring you the Month in Review for June (better late than never). Although June was one of the leanest months since we launched Dungeon’s Master we made up in quality what we lacked in quantity.

Our articles on minions, TPKs and Ameron’s D&D bucket list all generated discussion and got a lot of excellent comments. Our ongoing coverage of what some are calling the most deadly season of D&D Encounters since Dark Sun is also generating a lot of buzz. Throw in a D&D web comic and you get a pretty good idea of what we were up to in June.

We want to thank all of our readers for visiting Dungeon’s Master in June. We realize that a lot of people are play-testing D&D Next but we like to think that most of our articles are edition neutral and will still apply to your campaign regardless of what edition you play. So be sure to keep visiting and keep commenting.

If you missed any of the great articles from last month than this is your chance to get caught up.


DM Resources

Players Resources

D&D Encounters

The Pendant of Ashaba is gone; stolen during a carefully orchestrated attack on Shadowdale. The PCs were charged by Elminster to recover the artifact and continue facing incredibly dangerous obstacles as they pursue the thieves.

Visit the Dungeon’s Master D&D Encounters Archive for all of our ongoing weekly coverage as well as other great D&D Encounters articles and resources. Also be sure to visit 20ft Radius where I’m providing guest commentary on Alton’s weekly D&D Encounters round-up podcasts.

A Look Ahead

Looking ahead to July we’ll have more articles on epic play, an exploration of the underbelly of D&D, a look at the importance and significance of Drow weapon selection, new adventure hooks, new pre-generated characters (with a fun and familiar twist) for our pre-generated character library, and another installment of our Master of the Dungeon web comic. We’ll continue to bring you ongoing coverage of D&D public-play including D&D Encounters, D&D Lair Assault and Fourthcore Team Deathmatch. We’ll also get you excited for GenCon (now only 43 days away) by providing tips for getting the most out of your convention experience.

We expected to see new content from Wimwick in June, but unfortunately real life got in the way and he was unable to write anything last month. We hope that July will be the month that he returns to the fold and shares his thoughts and opinions on D&D after such a lengthy absence from blogging.

Be sure to visit us regularity in July for great 4e D&D content. If you’ve got an idea for an article or would be interested in contributing or writing for Dungeon’s Master please leave us a comment below or email us directly. Our contact information is available on the About page.

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