Lair Assault and D&D Encoutners Tokens

by Ameron (Derek Myers) on February 26, 2013

If you’re like me you use minis instead of tokens. However, when it comes to Lair Assault a sheet of tokens is provided for each adventure. It gives the DMs tokens for all the monsters, special terrain features, mounts and even a few boats. After seven seasons of Lair Assault it’s an extremely versatile collection of tokens which is why (after numerous requests) we’ve finally got around to sharing them with you.

When it comes to D&D Encounters everyone brings their own character so there are no standard tokens. However, with most seasons DMs are provided with one of the generic token sheets. I always assumed they were identical until I looked a bit closer in preparation for this post. It seems that I’ve acquired three sets of generic token sheets over the seasons.

I’ve scanned the token sheets, front and back, for all seasons of Lair Assault as well as the three generic token sheets from D&D Encounters and presented them below for your convenience. Using these scans you can print them and create your own token library.

Lair Assault 1: Forge of the Dawn Titan

tokens-lair-assault-1a tokens-lair-assault-1b

Lair Assault 2: Talon of Umberlee

tokens-lair-assault-2a tokens-lair-assault-2b

Lair Assault 3: Attack of the Tyrantclaw

tokens-lair-assault-3a tokens-lair-assault-3b

Lair Assault 4: Spiderkiller

tokens-lair-assault-4a tokens-lair-assault-4b

Lair Assault 5: Kill the Wizard

tokens-lair-assault-5a tokens-lair-assault-5b

Lair Assault 6: Temple of the Sky God

tokens-lair-assault-6a tokens-lair-assault-6b

Lair Assault 7: Into the Pit of Madness

tokens-lair-assault-7a tokens-lair-assault-7b

Generic Token Sheet 1

tokens-generic-1a tokens-generic-1b

Generic Token Sheet 2

tokens-generic-2a tokens-generic-2b

Generic Token Sheet 3

tokens-generic-3a tokens-generic-3b

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1 Ocampo February 26, 2013 at 11:22 am

I really like the Lair Assault token sheets. They make valuable additions to any DM’s collection. And they ARE useful, nobody can speak against that, even if you don’t like playing 4e.

2 Auiva February 26, 2013 at 8:24 pm

Thanks for putting these up here- I usually DM encounters, and so have the generic. But I also DM an online game through, and I would love to take several of the ones for Lair Assault and add them to my tokens library so I can use them digitally!

3 AlHazred March 4, 2013 at 10:58 am

The one beef I’ve had with the generic token sets is that they’re extremely thin. Since the sheets come in nearly-identical pairs, I’ve glued a set together so that I have double-thickness tokens for my own use. Any guilt I have at sacrificing a full set of tokens is assuaged by the satisfying heft they acquired; now I don’t feel they’re going to blow away if someone at the table sneezes!

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