Recounting Encounters with Storm Over Neverwinter author Erik Scott de Bie (Part 2)

by Ameron (Derek Myers) on June 13, 2013

storm-over-neverwinter-coverDungeon’s Master and 20ft Radius are proud to present a special episode of our podcast, Recounting Encounters. Once again we we talk to Erik Scott de Bie, author of this season’s adventure Storm Over Neverwinter.

Erik is a professional writer and game designer. Storm Over Neverwinter is Erik’s third contribution to the D&D Encounters program having written the adventures Halaster’s Lost Apprentice (season 1) and The Lost Crown of Neverwinter (season 6). He was also one of the main contributing authors for the Neverwinter Campaign Guide.

Erik’s most popular and recognized character is Shadowbane. So far Shadowbane has appeared in three novels DownshadowShadowbane, andShadowbane: Eye of Justice. You can also download Chosen of the Sword: A Shadowbane Novella from Erik’s website for free.

Marc, Craig and I have another candid discussion with Erik. This time around we were able to talk about the adventure as a whole and in explicit detail (since we no longer need to worry about any spoilers). Erik shares some of the many Easter Eggs he threw into the adventure as well as numerous possibilities for what could happen next. Whether you’re the DM or a player this season, you’ll find this interview interesting and valuable.

If you missed out first interview with Erik Scott de Bie, be sure to give it a listen.

Recounting Encounters is a weekly podcast I record with fellow Toronto DM, Craig Sutherland, and Marc Talbot (Alton) from 20ft Radius in which we recount that week’s experiences with D&D Encounters. We share the highlights from our respective FLGS and we talk about what worked, what didn’t and what we might have done differently. Find all episodes of Recounting Encounters on iTunes.

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