Module: The Spy In Our Midst

by Wimwick (Neil Ellis) on March 27, 2009

The Spy In Our Midst is the second module offering from the team at Dungeon’s Master. This module continues the adventure path started in our first module, The Magistrate’s Daughter. It is designed for first level characters. Playing both modules should provide PCs with enough experience to advance to second level. We hope that you enjoy the module and would appreciate your feedback.

The Spy In Our Midst

War is brewing and Baron Kaliek has requested that Magistrate D’blasin clear the bandits out of the Great Forest. The Magistrate has other plans and seeks and alliance with the bandits. He hopes the PCs can negotiate the alliance, but all is not well within the Great Forest and a traitor seeks to ruin everyone’s plans.

To download the module right click the title above and select ‘Save As’.

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