Skill Challenge: Defend the Camp

by Ameron (Derek Myers) on March 16, 2009

The PCs are camping in the wild. Someone, or something, approaches in the middle of the night. In this circumstance, combat should only be considered as a last resort.


Presented below are three possible reasons for the PCs to be engaged in this skill challenge.

  • The PCs are in the process of setting up a permanent base camp. The location has strategic importance and needs to be secured.
  • There are few defensible locations to make camp in this area. Leaving this one means resting out in the open, exposed to all possible threats.
  • The PCs have setup camp in hostile teritory. The sounds of combat may alert nearby hostile forces.

The exact nature of the threat is left up to the DM. Some of the DC may need to be altered depending on the creature threatening the camp.


2 PC level +1 (requires 6 successes before 3 failures).

Primary Skills

Arcana, Bluff, Intimidate, Nature, Perception, Religion, Stealth

  • Each skill can only be used to accomplish 1 success towards the overall skill challenge unless noted otherwise.
  • Skill checks denoted as assist do not count as a success or failure towards the overall skill challenge.

Secondary Skills


There are specific actions that the PCs can take when attempting to complete this skill challenge. The skills presented blow are grouped together based on these actions.

Locate the creature

Perception (hard DC)

You hear, see or smell some clue that warns you of an approaching creature.

Perception (moderate DC, maximum 2 successes)

After identifying that the possible threat is nearby, you try to better pinpoint its exact location.

Identifying the creature

Monster knowledge

Note: Only one success can be earned for identifying the threatening creature.

Arcana / Nature / Religion (hard DC)

You identify the creature and use your knowledge of its wants and needs to hide from it or scare it away.

Hide from the creature

Nature (moderate DC)

You attempt to hide evidence of your camp.

Perception (easy DC, assist)

While working with an ally to hide evidence of your camp, you spot a few details that were overlooked. +2 to Nature or Stealth check made to hide the camp.

Stealth (moderate DC)

You attempt to hide evidence of your camp.

Stealth (moderate DC, maximum 2 successes)

The best way to avoid the creature is to hide from it.

Divert the creature

Bluff (hard DC, maximum of 2 successes)

You attempt to mislead the approaching monster through misdirection.

Intimidate (moderate DC, maximum of 2 successes)

You act menacing and threatening to the approaching creature in an attempt to scare it away.


The creature comes close to the camp but is scared away or passes through without harming the PCs.


Attempts to scare away the creature or hide from it have did not work. The PCs must flee their campsite, leaving their equipment behind, or fight the creature.

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