Dungeon’s Master came about when a group of gamers with strong opinions about D&D wanted to contribute to the online gaming community and make a meaningful impact on the game itself. The team at Dungeon’s Master comes from diverse background, yet share a passion for their favourite RPG Dungeons & Dragons. We launched on February 1, 2009 and haven’t looked back since.

Ameron (Derek Myers)

Derek is an avid gamer with over 25 years of gaming experience. For the past 10 years he’s worked for one of Canada’s largest financial institutions as a writer and communications consultant. Derek is also a movie fanatic, enjoys reading, watching NHL hockey and letting loose in the Las Vegas casinos.

Email: Ameron AT dungeonsmaster DOT com

Wimwick (Neil Ellis)

Neil has been gaming for the past 25 years and over that time period he’s realized the experience is as much about the people you play with as it is the game itself. When he isn’t playing D&D he’s rediscovering his inner child as he plays with his kids or kicking back playing some World of Warcraft.

Email: Wimwick AT dungeonsmaster DOT com

Bauxtehude (Liam Gallagher)

Liam joined the Dungeon’s master team in early 2010, mostly weighing in on game design related topics. At the game table, he is either the DM of the Shattered Sea campaign or living out his fantasy of being a cowboy. In the real world Liam is a composer and a string bassist, and is currently earning extra cash arranging university ensembles.

Supporting Cast

Since launching Dungeon’s Master we’ve run articles written by other members of our regular gaming group. They may not post as regularly as the other writers, but when they do you know they have something worth saying.

  • Sterling (Curtis Latimer)
  • Suddry (Jay Vandendool)
  • Skallawag (Cary Lee)
  • Steampunked (Monty Martin)

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