Skill Challenges

Skill challenges are a new mechanic for 4e. Many DMs are not really sure how to run a skill challenge and may not use them. Likewise, a lot of experienced gamers don’t understand what is expected of them when their turn in a skill challenges comes around. In order to help rectify this problem, we are going to provide a series of aides for DMs and players alike.

Incorporating skills into a game that is combat heavy poses a lot of challenges. You don’t want to turn every game night into a lengthy dialogue where the players are forced to use every skill listed on their character sheet. But you don’t want to leave out skill challenges altogether. There needs to be balance.

What you will find below is a listing of the Skill Challenges that we’ve put together at Dungeon’s Master. We hope you enjoy them.

Skill Challenges

Physical Challenges

Social Challenges

Knowledge Challenges

Real-life and Humourous Challenges

Skill Aids

Skill Focus

Skill Matrix

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