PHB3 First Look: The Seeker

by Wimwick (Neil Ellis) on November 3, 2009

seekerThe Seeker, the most recent Player’s Handbook 3 preview content, was released a few weeks ago. This past week my regular gaming group began a new mini-campaign, which gave me the perfect opportunity to play test the Seeker.

I was actually rather excited about playing this new primal controller, due in part to my growing appreciation of the controller role.

In reading the Seeker class in Dragon #380 it became clear to me that the designers enjoyed creating this class. Many of the powers were developed and tested during earlier editions of Dungeons & Dragons, however from a mechanics standpoint they didn’t fit those earlier visions. Enter 4e and those idea’s have a new format to find life.

The Seeker is a Primal Controller who uses a weapon rather than an implement. This is a shift from previous controllers that I really like because it adds a lot of versatility to the class. In reading the article from Dragon the rational for this decision was to proved another class that can use ranged weapons aside from the Ranger.

The Seeker and an archer Ranger would make a very deadly duo on the battlefield. With their long range and mobility they can harry the enemy from afar. The Seeker is able to corral opponents around keeping them at range, while the Ranger inflicts maximum damage.

The release of the Seeker in Dragon #380 comes with one build that sees the class take on the secondary role of Striker. This combination was perfect for me as I enjoy dealing a lot of damage, and I also like to control and manipulate the battlefield.

The version of the Seeker I was playing was level 8 which gave me a very nice taste of the heroic powers available to the class. Corralling shot, a daily, was a great way to get multiple opponents bunched up. Follow that attack up with an action point and either Elemental Spirits or Thunder Spirit for maximum effect.

In creating the character I had a lot of fun mixing and matching the various powers to creating what I felt was the most deadly combination. Through two combat encounters I think that I managed to do that.

Most Seeker attacks do Thunder damage and I found that a Screaming weapon was a great compliment to the class. Though it limits the damage type that the class can output, potentially limiting you if your opponent has resistance to thunder. However, the daily power on the weapon is a perfect match for most Seeker powers, especially if you’ve just used Corralling Shot.

My only disappointment with the release of the Seeker was that Wizards only released one build. I would liked to have seen the complete class, but I suppose I’ll have to wait a few more months for that.

Overall, I’m really pleased with the Seeker. It’s an interesting take on the Controller and opens up different options for PCs who want to try that role. Archer Rangers have always been one of my favourite classes, being able to combine that with the versatility of a controller is a huge win for me. I’m looking forward to the full build of the class and the Paragon Path offerings that will be made available with the PHB3.

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