The Justice League of America (JLA) as D&D Characters

by Ameron (Derek Myers) on April 11, 2013

a-to-z-letters-jI’ve started playing D&D when I was 13; I started reading and collecting comics when I was 10. Any time I can combine my two nerdly passions it makes me very happy. When I was younger I played the Marvel Super Heroes RPG a lot (even more than D&D). I tried the DC Heroes RPG as a kid but liked it a lot less than Marvel, although the recent version from Green Ronin Publishing is a lot better. Even though I still read comics I no longer play any of the comic-centric RPGs. D&D is my game. So I’ve often thought about how to incorporate comic book superheroes into D&D. It’s not something that has an obvious or easy answer. The characters work in the context of their setting for a reason.

For starters, normal D&D character advance they get more powerful. Comic book superheroes generally don’t change or advance. Their powers generally remain the same. Still, porting comic book characters into D&D is worth a try. What would Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman be like as D&D characters? What races and classes would seem most appropriate? There’s no right answer, but it is likely to generate some debate and discussion.

justice-league-team-01I’ve decided to start this exercise by focusing in detail on the three most popular DC heroes (arguable the most popular comic book characters of all time): Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. From there we take a quicker look at numerous other supporting but no less important members of the Justice League.

I’ll share my thoughts and ideas on how I see these iconic heroes re-imagined as D&D character and then I encourage you to leave your comments below. I’m not going to actually create or stat out any of them. I think the discussion is a more fruitful exercise.

Throughout April Dungeon’s Master is participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. The challenge is to write a new article ever day in April, excluding Sundays. That’s 26 articles over the course of the month. To make things even more interesting the title of each article will begin with a different letter of the alphabet. The “J” in today’s post is for Justice League as I combine my two favoutire hobbies into one article. As a huge comic book nerd I’ve been wanting to do this kind of article for a long time.


superman-01Race: Kryptonian, Name: Kal-El, Human Name: Clark Kent

Truth, justice and the American way. Superman has always been a larger than life character who exemplifies the best qualities of mankind (despite the fact that he’s an alien). He strives to see the good in everyone. He won’t kill unless there is no alternative. He lives by a strict moral code which he exemplifies by his actions. He’s a leader in every respect. Sounds like a Paladin to me; one who worships Truth and Justice as concepts rather than any one deity. Selfless and self sacrificing; that’s Superman to a T. I doubt there’s much debate on this call.

Superman is mainly known for his super strength. Sure he can fly and shoot lasers from his eyes, but his strength and invulnerability have earned him the nickname Man of Steel. For this reason I see him as a Goliath. This gives him the strength and size of a super man. The Goliath’s racial power Stone’s Endurance gives him resist all for short periods of time which echo his invulnerability.

The Stoneblessed paragon path seems appropriate given the long-time correlation between Kryptonians and crystals. The paragon path provides the Goliath with a new affinity for rocks and minerals (easily tweaked to crystals by the DM).

Since Superman has so many different powers it’s going to be hard to account for all of them, but giving him magic items is the easiest way to do that. A cloak (cape) that grants flight, a head item that provides his with magic missiles, and armor that provides enhanced resistances would round him out nicely.

If there’s Superman than there needs to be Kryptonite to balance things out. Depending on how powerful your D&D Superman is the Kryptonite could cause vulnerable 40/stunned, save ends, -10 to saves while kryptonite is within 2 squares.

D&D Superman: Goliath Paladin, Stoneblessed paragon path, Lawful Good.


batman-01Race: Human, Name: Bruce Wayne

Upon witnessing his parents’ murder as a child, Batman has dedicated his life to fighting crime and bringing criminals to justice by any means necessary. He follows his own laws and will not kill.

Although Batman is the pinnacle of human achievement both physically and mentally, I don’t know if I’d keep him Human in a D&D setting; I’m thinking Changeling. This would support the concept of his secret identity as well as the various personas he often employs (i.e., Bruce Wayne , Matches Malone, Hemingford Gray).

Class is a much more difficult conversation. I’ve always thought of Batman as an Avenger. Like with the Superman re-imagining above I’d have Batman as an Avenger of the concept Justice rather than for any one deity. However, given Batman’s incredible knowledge and well rounded education he might be more suited as a Bard. This would allow him to multi-class as needed into almost every other class. The Bard route also reinforces his preference to intimidate his enemies into submission (high Charisma and Vicious Mockery power) rather than through force.

As much as I like Bard I don’t think we can dismiss the idea of Batman as a Rogue. He works at night and relies heavily on stealth. He certainly has all the skills associated with a Rogue. Given the depth of the Bat Family roster I can see Batman taking the Guildmaster Thief paragon path and his roster of companions as the rest of the Bat Guild (Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Robin, Red Hood). There’s a reason Bruce Wayne is so wealthy, perhaps he didn’t come by it as honestly as he claims?

D&D Batman: Changeling Rogue, Guildmaster Thief paragon path, Chaotic Good.

Wonder Woman

wonder-woman-01Race: Amazonian, Name: Princess Diana of Themyscira

Wonder Woman represents both power and beauty. She is a fierce warrior and a shining diplomat for peace in man’s world. Formed from clay, Wonder Woman embodies the powers and qualities of many classical Greek gods including Aphrodite’s beauty, Demeter’s strength, Athena’s wisdom, Hermes’s speed, Artemis’s skills of the hunt, and Hestia’s ability to detect truth.

Based on her origins we could make Wonder Woman a clay golem, but that seems limiting and untrue to the intent of the character. Human works, but seems boring given the multitude of other options. I’m thinking Elf. In the Dark Sun campaign the Elves are very tall and they are fierce warriors. This sounds like Wonder Woman.

For class I think there needs to be some Fighter in there. Perhaps a Warlord/Fighter hybrid? After all, Wonder Woman is a leader and a diplomat so the Warlord part would cover that off. I toyed with Paladin over Warlord, but I think that’s too limiting. Wonder Woman is a battlefield leader which is totally Warlord.

With this build the Battle Champion seems like the most suitable paragon path and given her origin and association with the gods it makes sense that she’d have the Demigod epic destiny.

Her most recognizable item is the magic lasso. It would have the ability to pull or slide targets. While ensnared the target cannot lie and suffers a -5 to Will defense. Her magic bracers could grant her resist all against ranged attacks vs. Ref or AC. If an enemy targets Wonder Woman with a ranged attack vs. Ref or AC and rolls a 1 on the attack roll, she can make the same attack against any creature within range.

D&D Wonder Woman: Elf Fighter/Warlord, Battle Champion paragon path, Demigod epic destiny, Neutral Good.

The Rest of the Justice League

These are the big three with DC, the holy trinity if you will. These character are so loved and well known by their fans that I’m sure we’ll have plenty of debate and disagreements on how to turn them into the right D&D characters. However, ther are others in the JLA that should get serious consideration during this discussion. Here are the top contenders in brief.

Green Lantern

green-lantern-01Race: Human, Name: Hal Jordan

Green Lantern’s powers come from his indomitable will power and his ability to shape the powers of his power ring. I see him as a Human spell caster, most likely a Wizard. The shapes and forms he makes from the ring tend to exemplify a D&D controller and the power ring is clearly his implement. I can see a reasonable argument for making him a Sorcerer since he does have a lot of offensive capabilities too, a multi-class or hybrid maybe? Definitely a high Will defense bolstered by the ring.

D&D Green Lantern: Human Wizard, Neutral Good.


the-flash-01Race: Human, Name: Barry Allen

The Flash’s powers are pretty straight forward – super speed. This concept could be translated as a Rogue with exceptional Dexterity and nimbleness or it could be a spell caster who literally increases his speed, makes himself blurry, phases through walls, and runs across water. I suppose it depends on where you want to take this character because both ideas have merit. The Flash has a pretty good sense of humour and is often depicted as a trickster so I could easily see him as a Halfling which would go well with the high Dex.

D&D Flash: Halfling Rogue, Neutral.


aquaman-01Race: Atlantean, Name: Arthur Curry, King of Atlantis

Born of two worlds Aquaman had a human father and an Atlantean mother. He breaths both water and air. He has ties to the worlds above and below the seas but is akin to neither. Sounds like the plight of a Half-Elf to me. For a while Aquaman was depicted with a long beard. This always reminded me of the D&D Dwarven kings. Could Aquaman work as an undersea Dwarf? Maybe Atlantis is an underwater mining town? His class would definitely be primal since he’s all about underwater life and protecting the natural state of the seas. Druid seems like the most obvious class, but he also a fierce warrior so I’d argue that there might be some Barbarian in there too.

D&D Aquaman: Dwarf Druid/Barbarian, Chaotic Good.

Martian Manhunter

martian-manhunter-01Race: Martian, Name: J’onn J’onzz, Human Name: John Jones

As the last surviving member of his race, he found refuge on Earth. He deeply regrets the loss of his home world and does his part to keep the Earth safe from similar destruction and devastation. Martian Manhunter’s ability to shape change is best brought to D&D by making him a Changeling. He can fly, turn invisible, read minds, and is very strong. His love for nature and borderline environmental fanaticism makes him a good candidate for a Druid. Likewise his desire to right wrongs could see him leaning towards Avenger. He would have vulnerability fire 10 or more.

D&D Martian Manhunter: Changeling Druid, Lawful Good.


cyborg-01Race: Human, Name: Victor Stone

The newest member of the Justice League, Cyborg is a mechanical man. Warforged is certainly the best choice for race. He acts as a combat leader by providing tactical support, he also provides analysis of the enemies and the environment. Warlord, without question.

D&D Cyborg: Warforged Warlord, Neutral.

Let the discussion and debate begin. How do you envision your favourite superhero as a D&D character? Do you agree with my interpretations of the JLA or do you think I’ve completely missed the mark? Would you ever consider playing in a D&D campaign that used these characters as PCs?

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1 Timothy Brannan April 11, 2013 at 12:29 pm

That is pretty cool.

Course my favorite, Zatanna, would be a straight up Wizard.

Tim Brannan
The Other Side and The Witch
Red Sonja: She-Devil with a Sword
The Freedom of Nonbelief

2 Philo Pharynx April 11, 2013 at 7:18 pm

Batman is all alignments –

See the chart at

3 wrath April 12, 2013 at 9:02 pm

I made batman as a human hybrid artificer/monk
martian manhunter as a changleing hybrid monk/psion

Flash human monk? – they have a lot of movement abilities.

4 SamMordred April 14, 2013 at 11:23 pm

First, I’d like to apologize for the length of this comment: I tend to lose track of time when I really get going.
I’ve made Batman as a full 30th lvl character, just as an ideal final form. Mind you, it’s my version, which is based less on the comics and more on other popular culture, more specifically the shows and games.

Batman (Human Rogue/Jack-of-All-Trades/Eternal Seeker
–Str 16/Con 14/Dex 24/Int 20/Wis 14/Cha 16
—-(13/12/14/14/12/13; +2 Dex from race; +3/2/8/6/2/3 from lvl)
–Human Options: Dexterity; Extra At-Will; Elven
–Rogue Options: Scoundrel Weapon Talent/Cunning Sneak
—-Multiclass Options: Athletics
–JoAT Options: Endurance/History/Streetwise
–Eternal Seeker Options: The Legend Lives On
–Theme: Noble; Background: Pivotal Event-Murder; Benefit: +2 Perception
–Skills: Acrobatics; Athletics; Endurance; History; Insight; Intimidate; Perception; Stealth; Streetwise; Thievery
–Feats: Master of the Fist; Master at Arms; Improved Defenses; Skill Focus (Stealth); Cunning Stalker; Escape Artist; Melee Training (Dex); Expert Sneak; Elusive Movement; Practiced Study; Evasive Footwork; Slaying Action; Waking Senses; Aggresive Advantage; Blind Fight; Epic Will; Long Step; Shadow Eyes
–Powers: Fearless Mindset; Disheartening Strike; Preparatory Shot; Gloaming Cut; Shadow Strike (R); Twilight Menace (R); Lurker’s Cloak; Fleeting Spirit Strike (R); Lurker’s Assault (R); Chameleon; Killer’s Ambush (R); Vexing Sting (R); Persistent Tail; Veiled Missile (R); Courage Breaker (R); Clever Move; Unerring Shot; Marked Beating; Hide from the Light; Manticore’s Volley; Persistent Menace; Perfect Sniper; Treachery’s Reward
–Basic Stats: 171 HP/Speed 6/Init +22/AC 42/Fort 42/Ref 44/Will 42
–Suggested Gear: Shadowdance Starleather Armor +6; Gloaming Shroud +6; Tenacious Dagger +6; 2,625,000 gp (Use to buy whatever supplementary gear you want)

This Batman is based on a basic knowledge of the idea of Batman; it is based on my understanding of the character and my experience with it through TV shows and video games, particularly the recent Arkham games.
Batman is the essence of the human spirit: he’s a man who cares fighting against and among gods, hence his race. His abilities are all pretty good, but none are close to the max of 30; the highest is Dex at 24. Once again, man among gods. Background and Theme need no explanation.
Because 4e character creation focuses on combat role more than anything, I had to figure out what Batman really does in a fight. Looking at the Arkham games, I see that he uses his fists (and various gadgets) in melee against melee-armed combatants, so he needs to be capable in melee–with his fists, no less. I also saw that, when facing a force of people with superior weaponry (ie. 6 guys armed with SMGs), he takes to the shadows, and uses throwing knives shaped like his symbol and various gadgets to take them down. Since that seems to be the more effective (and Batman-ish) approach, I built him as a Cunning Sneak Rogue.
No, the skill list is not a typo; he gets 6 from being a rogue, 1 from being a human, 1 from his monk multiclass, and 3 from his paragon path. 11 total. Again, Batman has mastered virtually everything; combine above-average overal stats with 11 trained skills, and there’s not a lot Batman is really bad at. Feats are chosen to balance out the character and boost his basic capabilities. Powers are chosen to allow for both melee and ranged capability, although a few are exclusively one or the other. Attacking from cover or concealment is the name of the game; with these skills, feats, and powers, Batman is the clear winner.
The items listed here are only suggestions, and don’t even maximize the items you get for free (the cloak is a lvl 28, the armor lvl 30, and the dagger lvl 29), so there’s room for improvement. They’re just my choices. While on the subject of gear, make sure to buy him some tricks/gadgets, as well as some martial trainings: they fit the idea of Batman.

I am in the process of making the other members of the Justice League (the main ones). Here are my builds/comments on your builds:

-Superman: Goliath Paladin or Paladin (Cavalier)–can’t decide.
-Wonder Woman: Elf Warlord…maybe some Fighter multiclass.
-Flash: Monk. Haven’t figured out race yet…but not a Rogue; he’s not really the skill master or backstabber, he’s just quick, and the monk’s movement techniques capture this better than the rogue builds. Combined with the monk-only movement feats, and you have a D&D 4e speedster.
-Green Lantern: Wizard? Try Shaper Psion. That is all.
-Aquaman: Half-elf was the right idea. Now, are you going with the overly-serious fish summoner or the over-the-top King of Atlantis? If the prior, go Shaman. If the latter (my preference), go Bravura Warlord. Barbarian is not under consideration since the rage doesn’t really fit with the character.
-Martian Manhunter: Changling Druid, yep. That hits the nail on the head.

So a while back (I’m sure you’ll be able to guess when), I got the urge to stat up the Avengers–not all, just six in particular. They are fully formed, although I really should update them.
-Captain America: Human Resourceful Warlord/Multiclass Fighter
-Iron Man: Warforged Wizard (BURN EVERYTHING!!!)
-Hulk: Goliath Barbarian/Multiclass Fighter. Combine a Large Vorpal Greataxe with Ancient Forebearers’ Rage. This is as close to Hulk Smash as I could get: the weapon has the potential to do infinite damage; the rage just makes it really likely. Will provide an explanation if requested.
-Hawkeye: Elf Archer Ranger. Big freaking surprise.
-Black Widow: Changling Rogue, melee specialist, capable at ranged.
-Thor: Dwarf Storm Warden. Big freaking surprise.

Some Marvel characters are harder to stat, but I’m also working on…
-Wolverine: Whirling Barbarian.
-Phoenix: Telekinetic Psion.
-Storm: Storm Sorcerer. Druids are nice, but there’s no shapeshifting going on here. Although the arcane background excludes primal PPs and EDs. Multiclass or Hybrid?
-Doctor Strange: Wizard, straight up.
-Iron Fist: Monk. Monk monk monk monk monk monk.

I’ve been trying to build Spider-man, but keep scrapping because something feels off. Any ideas, anyone?

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