Being Lycanthrope In Eberron

by Wimwick (Neil Ellis) on February 25, 2010

The moon is a harsh mistress. None know this more intimately than the lycanthropes of Eberron. With twelve moons, there is seldom a night when lycanthropes don’t feel the tug of their inner beast.

While 4e has changed the way lycanthropy is handled, we realized that not everyone is happy with these changes. What we wanted to consider was how would the lycanthropic transformation differ depending on which moon was full? For DMs who like handling lycanthropy as a disease that can afflict PCs and using the moon to determine the mood, we have created this resource to spice things up.

The moons of Eberron are not just satellites orbiting the planet. Each one is linked to a dragonmark and the Draconic Prophecy. Each moon in Eberron also carries a different benefit for the lycanthropes born under it. This benefit is only active while the moon in question is full. The planes in Eberron also have an effect on lycanthropes. Should a moon be full and a plane coterminous with Eberron, an added benefit is provided.

DMs may find the following resources from WotC useful: Eberron World and Planar Calendar Utility | The Moons of Eberron


  • Nymm

  • Lycanthropes born under Nymm gain a + 1 to Diplomacy.

  • Sypheros

  • Those born under Sypheros gain a + 1 to Stealth checks.

  • Therendor

  • Lycanthropes born under Therendor have the healers touch and gain a + 1 bonus to Heal checks.

  • Rhaan

  • Lycanthropes born under Rhaan have greater insight in matters historical, gaining a + 1 bonus to History checks.

  • Olarune

  • Those born under the watch of Olarune gain a + 1 bonus to Perception checks.

  • Eyre

  • Lycanthropes born under Eyre are hardy souls and gain 8 temp hit points after an extended rest.

  • Vult

  • Those born under Vult gain the ability to speak Draconic.

  • Zarantyr

  • The lycanthrope may reroll one attack roll per day as Zarantyr favours the lucky.

  • Aryth

  • Aryth grants a + 1 to speed when in animal form.

  • Dravago

  • Born under Dravago as a Lycanthrope you gain a + 1 bonus to Perception checks while tracking in the wild.

  • Lharvion

  • When Lharvion is full, those born under her sights become introspective gaining a + 1 bonus to Insight checks.

  • Barrakas

  • Lycanthropes born under Barrakas gain a + 1 to Dungeoneering checks.


  • Daanvi

  • When Daanvi is coterminous with Eberron a lycanthrope that spends an action point may make an immediate saving throw against one condition that a save can end.

  • Dal Quor

  • The plane of Dal Quor has not been coterminous with Eberron during recorded history and the effect it would have on lycanthropes is unknown.

  • Dolurrh

  • Once a century Dolurrh is coterminous with Eberron for one full year. During this year lycanthropes gain + 1 to save vs. death.

  • Fernia

  • When Fernia is coterminous, lycanthropes gain resist fire 5. Increase this to 10 at level 11, and 15 at level 21.

  • Iraian

  • When Irian is coterminous a lycanthrope can make a saving each day to controls its form.

  • Kythri

  • The first time in an encounter when a lycanthrope is bloodied while Kythri is coterminous a lycanthrope must succeed at a saving throw. Failing the saving throw results in the lycanthrope making an immediate basic attack against a random target.

  • Lamannia

  • Lycanthropes gain a + 1 to Nature checks during the period that Lamannia is coterminous.

  • Mabar

  • When Mabar is coterminous lycanthropes gain a + 1 to Stealth and Thievery checks.

  • Risia

  • When Fernia is coterminous, lycanthropes gain resist cold 5. Increase this to 10 at level 11, and 15 at level 21.

  • Shavarath

  • When Shavarath is coterminous with Eberron lycanthropes gain a + 1 to initiative.

  • Syrania

  • Lycanthropes gain a + 1 bonus to all saving throws when Syrania is coterminous.

  • Thelanis

  • When Thelanis is coterminous lycanthropes feel a deeper kinship with the natural world gaining a + 1 bonus to Nature checks.

  • Xoriat

  • The Gatekeepers intervened the last time Xoriat was coterminous with Eberron. It is not recorded what effect this plane has on lycanthropes and it is hoped by many that we will never learn.

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