Month in Review: November 2010

by Ameron (Derek Myers) on December 1, 2010

November was great month here at Dungeon’s Master. The D&D community was abuzz with the release of the new character builder and we couldn’t help but join in on the discussion and debate. Also in November we looked at the art that shaped the D&D worlds of Dark Sun, Planescape and Eberron, we looked at alignment in 4e D&D and we asked you to stop abusing dragons. There were the familiar staples throughout November including D&D Encounters weekly coverage, more Secrets of Eberron, and a detailed look at skill checks and the new skill DCs from D&D Essentials.

With our neighbours to the south celebrating their Thanksgiving last week, we would be remiss if we didn’t take this opportunity to thank all of our readers for visiting Dungeons’ Master, especially those of you who keep coming back again and again.

If you missed any of the great articles we ran in November, this is your chance to get caught up.


Character Builder

One of the most talked about issues on the gaming blogsphere in November was the new web-based Character Builder. We joined in the discussion by first airing our own list of complaints and then following that up with a second article highlighting the best aspects of the new tool.

Player Resources

DM Resources

D&D Encounters

We continue with our ongoing weekly coverage of D&D Encounters: Keep on the Borderlands throughout November. November also saw the launch of the D&D Encounters Archive. It’s a repository of all our D&D Encounters articles including the weekly recaps and the pre-generated characters. Visit the D&D Encounters Archive by clicking on the tab above the Dungeon’s Master banner.


The Eberrontab at the top of the page provides easy access to all of our Eberron resources.

  • Secrets of Eberron Revealed (Part 9)– Common folk across Khorvaire have formed the League of Remembrance. These villagers are willing to stand up for themselves and deny the noble class soldiers for a future war.

The Book Report

In November we added a permanent new page called The Book Report. It’s a collection of everything Ameron’s read over the past few months. Each entry includes a couple of points about the book and most importantly a score on a d10 to help you decide if that book is worth reading. We’ll continue to keep this page updated as Ameron finishes reading more and more novels. The permanent link to The Book Report is located in the left navigation below the Popular Posts and above the Staff Picks.

A Look Ahead

With the holiday season approaching, the Dungeon’s Master team will be taking a much deserved vacation during the last two weeks of December. During that time we’ll be re-running some of our greatest hit, just like we did last year at this time. But until then we’ve still got plenty of great new material including new skill challenges and adventure hooks that you can drop right into your existing campaign, ongoing coverage of D&D Encounters and the conclusion of our Tomb of Horrors actual play podcasts. Be sure to visit Dungeon’s Master every day in December to get your 4e D&D fix.

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