Month in Review: August 2010

by Ameron (Derek Myers) on September 1, 2010

August was a big month for D&D and for D&D fans. Most notably, GenCon gave gamers from around the world an opportunity to get together and play D&D. Wizards of the Coast made numerous announcements about upcoming D&D releases at GenCon during their seminars, many of which we wrote about. In August we returned our attention to skill challenges, a topic we’ve always felt strongly about. And of course, we had another report from D&D camp. This time the kids tackled the Tomb of Horrors. August was a busy month for gaming and if you missed any of our articles this is your chance to get caught up.


GenCon 2010

We were fortunate enough to get a couple of GenCon-related shout-outs from Wizards of the Coast in their August News. They linked to our coverage of the D&D Preview Seminar on August 10 and to our coverage of the Adventure Builder’s Workshop on August 11.

D&D Encounters

In addition to sharing my weekly experiences of D&D Encounters Dark Sun, I also shared my thoughts on the future of D&D Encoutners. Check out the Wizards of the Coast podcast of the D&D Encounters seminar. Yes, that’s me plugging Dungeon’s Master around the 10 minute mark.

Skill Challenges

DM Resources

Player Resources

Looking Ahead

We have two big projects on the horizon for September. The first is more skill challenges. When we were at GenCon and the folks from Wizards asked who wanted more skill challenges everyone put up their hand. So we’re going to give the public what they want. More skill challenges and more articles on how to keep them fresh and fun. The second project is the Tomb of Horrors. We’re playing for keeps. Six hard-core gamers who have never played the Tomb of Horrors before bring one character each and try to emerge victorious. We’ll have articles from the DM and the players as well as podcasts of the actual games. Of course we’ll have many other great D&D articles in September so be sure to visit every day.

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